Автоматична Система за Оповестяване АСО ASO

System application scope

EACS is designed to automate the process of announcing different parts of organization structures and/or population in wide range of events arising, such as any kind of extreme and critical situations, industrial accidents, nature disasters and military conflicts and etc. It supports the process of announcing the different groups of personnel or population, the level of readiness rising for the corresponding units/organizations or people, the implementation of predefined procedures or plans during practices or in intentionally created situations.

The announcement process may be started with just one click of the mouse on the predefined process, connected with a certain event, with predefined scenario, prerecorded messages, imported lists of personnel and their contact information.

The process uses high-end technological and technical tools and solutions thus ensuring high efficiency and speed combined with high reliability and authenticity of the transmitted information.

Basic system functionality
  • IP based connectivity
  • ISDN PRI 30B+D interfaces to connect with PABX or rural Telephone exchanges
  • Simultaneous announcement through all present channels
  • Announcement at business and spare /private/ number
  • PIN based confirmation for successful announcement using DTMF dialing by the phone
  • MS SQL data base
  • The audio records are secured in the system data base – they are inaccessible for playing without proper authorization
  • The total length of the audio records is 20 minutes with flexible usage as common resource for the system in total
  • SMS support as back-up for the phone announcements
  • E-mail support as back-up for the phone announcements
  • Support (on Client request) of classifiers and nomenclatures, dependent to the announcement objects – such as names, addresses, job title, additional site/ settlement attributes and etc
  • Supports company structure graph to describe the announcement object
  • Support of up to 4 independent working modes
  • Scrambling support for the data when using non secure networks, administrator dependent

System Structure

Database categories
  • Announcement objects list
  • Announcement groups list – each group includes announcement objects list
  • Audio and text records list to be used during announcing process
  • Scenario algorithm and scenario list with predefined certain records and texts
  • Events list about which announcements have to be done, with defined scenarios and announcement groups
Database administration
  • Operational entering, editing, deleting, saving and replacing of data records
  • Information securing depending of the secrecy level classification
  • Operational authorization using user names and passwords which are security access level dependent
  • Additional protection from unauthorized access and data base up-to-date accuracy based on hardware key – USB-K
  • Data base spare copy support
Announcement process administration
  • Adding and removing objects to/from announcement group (AG)
  • Adding and removing departments or organizations from the administrative structure as separate object of announcement in AG
  • Entering information for the announcements based on Client selected criteria
Announcement process execution
  • Start of announcement procedure using command provided by duty personnel
  • Start of announcement procedure using command provided by external security systems
  • On-line announcement process visualization
  • Collecting and visualization the results of finished announcement procedure
  • Collecting and back-up the results of finished announcement procedure