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ESTEL Ltd implementation list

Our specialists have installed, set in operation and provide maintainance in the Bulgarian Telecommunication Company VIVACOM Network as follows:

  • Digital telephone exchanges (DTE) with more than 38 000 subscriber lines
  • More than 600 sites covered by “ECOSS” system
  • More than 300 specialized units “1xx”
  • More than 20 SATI systems
  • More than 160 subscriber line measuring systems ATS-02
  • 2 “CTIS” systems
  • 4 “SATO” systems
  • 8 IVR SAOG systems
  • 3 maintenance and control centers (O&M)
  • Many other systems and equipment

For the last 18 months Estel has installed for government administration purposes more than 15 “COSS” systems – protecting the underground state cabling system.

An automated announcement system “SATO” has been working since the beginning of 2009 – to announce the personnel about disasters, industry faults or incidents and etc.

Estel has also installed wide range digital PABX in banks, large stores, hotels and companies and provides maintainance for them.

All provided equipment is certified by the authorized authorities in Bulgaria.

The provided hardware, software and systems are ensured with proper warranty and after warranty services all over the country.